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Two-Factor Authentication when accessing payment details

  1. Why will this excite me? We have improved the security of your payment information on Associates Central by requiring a two-factor authentication to view or edit your information. This means, when you access the payment method page you will receive an OTP (One Time Password) sent to your mobile device for verification.
  2. Does this change the way I log in to my account? No, you will continue to log into Associates Central by using your Amazon Associate credentials (username and password). The security enhancements only applies to any attempt made to view or edit your payment information.
  3. How do I use two-factor authentication? When you log into Associates Central and access the payment method update page, we will ask you to choose whether you want to receive your One Time Password via SMS or voice call. An OTP is a short numeric password that will be sent to you via SMS or voice call to your registered mobile number. It is valid for only 10 minutes, after which it will expire and you will need to request another OTP. Once you receive your OTP you will insert in the ‘enter code’ box on the screen and proceed to the payment method update page.
  4. Why am I being asked to log in again? In some cases, we will require you to sign in to Associates Central again as part of the payment update experience for enhanced security.
  5. I did not provide a phone number when I signed up, what should I do? You can add a phone number to your Amazon Associates account or update the phone number on your Amazon Associate account at any time. Click here to learn more. If you do not have a phone number associated with your Amazon Associates account, you will also be able to include one when you access the payment page. You will be able to insert your mobile device number in the ‘add a mobile number’ screen and select continue to receive the OTP for authentication.
  6. I do not have access to the email or my phone number that was originally used for my Amazon Associates account. What can I do? You will need to recover your Amazon Associates account. Click here to learn more.