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Idea Hub

What is the Idea Hub?
The Idea Hub is a new feature that consolidates inspirational promotions, events, deals and product content throughout Amazon. Previously, sourcing content as an associate could be overwhelming with thousands of deals and coupons published every day through an ever-expanding and complex product catalog. With Idea Hub, associates will find up-to-date content ideas all in one location within their Associates Central (AC) account. The recommendations cover a wide range of content types, including Amazon’s promotional offers like Best Deals, Deals of the Day as well as curated content covering Amazon programs and subscription services, seasonal/holiday events, gift guides, trends, interesting finds, best-selling/top-rated products, and more.

How do I get started?
To access Idea Hub, go to the navigation bar at the top of your page when you log onto your Associates Central account, and select “Idea Hub” from the drop down menu under “Promotions”. Once you get to Idea Hub, you will have the ability to browse, sort and filter through the content ideas. When you see an idea that interests you, click on the “Get Link” button and copy/paste the link for your site! 

How can I influence the recommendations based on my interest and ideas?
To get more relevant inspirations, you are encouraged to provide feedback by clicking on the thumbs up/down buttons displayed under each content idea. This will help Amazon to further improve future recommendations and content rankings.