How do I build a link to a specific item on Amazon?

We offer a variety of link types in our Build Links section, including those that can link to specific pages at Amazon. Text Links allow you to direct your visitors to specific information and promotional features. You can also use Widgets to create rich media ads that showcase a variety of content from Amazon.
To build a text link to a specific item, use the Product Links section of Build Links to identify the product. On the "Get HTML" page, click "Customise Link" and choose "Basic Display". Change the Image option to "Text only" and click "Update HTML". Although you can build links to any page under the Text Links section of Build Links, those links do not qualify for the direct-link premium so we do not recommend them for linking to specific items. If you are familiar with some simple HTML, a really handy way to convert any URL into an Associates URL is to add the parameter "tag=[your-tag-id]" to the URL. For e.g.

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