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OneTag is a script that Amazon affiliate marketers (“associates”) install on their sites to enable automatic link tagging and aggregate analytics Amazon reporting (“oneTag reporting”) about their Amazon affiliate marketing. oneTag reporting helps associates create more engaging, relevant content for our customers and measure the success of their affiliate marketing. You can set your preference for whether you’d like to allow your personal information to be used for oneTag reporting below.

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If you choose not to allow oneTag reporting, we will no longer process your personal information provided through oneTag. This will not affect other services that use cookies and information may still be collected by those services for other purposes, for example, interest-based ads, personalized product recommendations and other features. You can manage cookies in the privacy settings of the web browser you are using. Further details on how we use cookies and how you can manage cookies are contained in our Cookies notice. For more information on interest based ads, please see our Interest-Based Ads notice. We use cookies to manage your choice to not allow oneTag reporting. If you delete these cookies or use a different browser, you will have to choose to disable oneTag reporting again. Similarly, if your browser restricts or does not support cookies, we may not be able to remember your choice to not allow oneTag reporting on that browser. To help avoid having to repeat your choice you can login with your Amazon account and make the selection above on the opt-out page for your Amazon marketplace to enable us to honour your choice whenever we recognise your Amazon account. You can find the marketplace specific opt-out page links here.

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