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Now Available: Add Shoppable Photos to Your Storefront!

Your Amazon store is getting an exciting upgrade. In addition to Idea Lists, you can now feature your favorite items on your storefront in a whole new, seriously engaging way. Introducing Shoppable Photos!

Shoppable Photos are just what they sound like: your images, displayed on your storefront, with click-to-shop functionality. When an object in one of your photos catches a viewer’s eye, a quick tap will lead them directly to the product and purchase info — they’re already on Amazon!

This new feature is a powerful way to highlight your favorite products. Through your photos, fans can see real-life visuals of how you use certain items and why you love them. It also makes your store an even more fun place to browse, with a carousel of on-brand imagery for visitors to scroll and shop!

Posting a Shoppable Photo is simple:
  • Upload your photo (photos may be up to 10MB)
  • Tag the shoppable products. Search for the product either directly on amazon.in or in your amazon shopping. You may tag up to 15 products per photo!
  • Add a caption
  • Hit "Next"
  • Categorize by interest (to make it discoverable in Spark and Interesting Finds)
  • Hit "post"

How do I tag products in my photos?

Tap that little shopping bag in the corner of your photo. There you’ll see your recent Amazon searches, and to the right of that, click on your purchases to see what you’ve recently bought. We tried to make it easy on you by surfacing your recent activity — but you can also search all of Amazon with the search bar at the top of the tagging overlay.

Is there a quick way to post Shoppable Photos on mobile? Most of my images are on my phone.

There are two quick ways:
1. Via your store
  • Open the Amazon app
  • Go to the menu in the top left corner
  • Click on your picture on top. It should say something like 'Hello, <your name>' next to your profile photo on the top left
  • Click "Shop my favorite products" (this will take you to your storefront)
  • Click the "Add to storefront" button
  • Click on 'Shoppable Photo'
  • Follow the next steps by 'adding a photo' directly from your photo library or taking one afresh
2. Via Spark
  • Open the Amazon app
  • Go to the menu in the top left corner
  • Click Amazon Spark (about half way down)
  • Click the + button on the right (this launches a menu of content types to add)
  • Choose the photo option

What type of products can I tag?

You can link up anything found on Amazon, up to 15 products per image.

Were my old Spark posts supposed to show up here?

Yep! Your shoppable Spark photos have been added to your storefront for your convenience — but you can delete any you wish.

How is the order of photos determined?

It’s reverse chronological order: the photo you uploaded most recently will be first.

How do I edit my photo?

Editing is coming soon! For now, you can delete and repost a photo. To delete: click the three dots in the upper right corner of your post and choose delete.

I uploaded a photo but I don't see it. Where did it go?

It’s in (very brief) moderation. Give it 10-15 seconds and then refresh the page — you should see it now. (Tip: to force a refresh on the mobile version of your store, switch to public view and then back to owner view.)

Will my photos be viewable anywhere else besides my storefront?

Yes, in Spark. When Amazon customers search by interest in Spark, they will see your photos that have been categorized into that interest.
Note: at this time, you will not earn revenue from shopping activity of customers who discover your content in Spark. Only traffic you drive to Amazon contributes to your earnings.

We’re so excited to see your photos and hear how you and your followers are enjoying this fun storefront feature. Happy posting!
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