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Boost Your Earnings Using Reports

Boost Your Earnings Using Amazon Reports

As a participant of the Amazon Associates program, regularly keeping tabs on your site’s performance is of paramount importance – you always need to have the most up-to-date information, since this is about your income, after all.

  • What individual Associate Central reports can tell you
  • How you can generate additional revenue
  • Tips for using different tracking IDs

The Information That Amazon Associates Reports Provide

Log into Amazon Associates Central and you’ll find an overview of the last 30 days of activity, in the form of a graphic. Below this, you’ll find the period of time indicator, the sum of your advertising costs, the sum of your bonuses and also the number of clicks on your Associate Links. You will also find a summary for the current month. This is all clearly useful information, so let’s dig down and see some more Reports.

Clicking on the Reports tab brings up an overview, with various options and functions. For example, select a 30-day viewing period and select the period ‘Last 30 days’ in the upper-left section, under the Reports heading. At the bottom right-hand side, select Group by Tracking ID from the drop-down menu. The following information is now available:
  • Summary: the sum of all advertising commissions
  • Fees: the advertising fees or commission earned and other important sales-related metrics
  • Bounties: the fixed advertising fees earned through your affiliate services and programs
  • Clicks: the number of clicks through your Affiliate Links
  • Ordered Items: the total number of items ordered through your Affiliate Links
  • Shipped Items: total number of items shipped to customers
  • Returned Items: the total number of returned items (when customers return products for a refund)
  • Conversion: the number of products ordered divided by the number of clicks on your Affiliate Links
  • Shipped Items Revenue: an overview of the sales of already-sent products
  • Total Earnings: total earnings from referral fees

Generating Additional Revenue

Let’s stick to the previously mentioned tip, where you can find the ordered items by clicking on the Tracking ID. As an example, let’s say you’re the owner of an affiliate website that revolves around the subject of vinyl LPs, and you find out that many of your site visitors also refer to CDs, or furniture for storing CDs, as well as vinyl records using your Tracking ID. In this case, you should think about integrating these products into your website and to create new content for them on your website.

By using ‘Group by category’, it’s also possible to find out which product categories were obtained via the Affiliate Link or the Tracking ID. If some visitors to your affiliate website have, for example, purchased products from the category ‘Books’ or ‘Electronics And Photography’, a closer look can be a good idea at this point, to consider new product categories for your website. For each product you see in the Amazon Associates Reports, you can also create a link directly, by clicking on ‘Create link’ on the right of the product.

You should always bear in mind products which you refer to on your website regularly, and check that they’re still relevant. Is there a successor model, a development or a new trend in the product’s field? The inclusion of new products, the inclusion of successor models as well as new product categories ensure your website is current with up-to-date, relevant information, which can have a positive impact on your revenue.

After you’ve logged into Associates Central, you’ll also find product recommendations at the foot of the page. This is a selection of products that might match your affiliate site. The selection of product recommendations is based on which products your visitors buy from Amazon.com, or for the specific products they show interest in.

New Global Reporting View

Associates can now link Associates IDs from other countries and view consolidated global reporting across all linked stores on one page from their home portal with OneLink.

Until now, Associates who have mapped their Associates IDs together needed to log into each individual portal every day to view their reporting, before manually converting them into a preferred display currency offline to stay on top of their global performance. Now with this consolidated global reporting, Associates can use the Global Reports summary view to look at a detailed picture of their total earnings across all linked stores in one place.

Learn More about this latest feature.

We hope that by following the steps outlined in this article, you will be able to boost and view your earnings and take your website to the next level.
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