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Amazon Influencer Program - Driving Traffic to Your Amazon Sale Guide

The Amazon Great Indian Festival is here! Well, the sale is almost here, and that includes planning your affiliate marketing and influencer strategy for the season. As you might suspect, this is prime time for sharing deals, discounts, and your best gift ideas with your followers, as many of them shift into shopping mode.

‘Tis the season for getting great discounts, changing your look', splurging on yourselves and your loved ones, and you can bet that many of your followers intend to shop and get ready for the new season. Relieve their sale-prep stress — and boost your affiliate income — with Idea Lists specially curated for the freedom sale and the upcoming festive season. They’ll be grateful for your recommendations and the one-stop shopping experience, and you’ll maximize your earnings while continuing to be a valuable resource to your community. Here’s the rundown:

Building Your Lists

First, if you haven’t created an Idea List, or need a refresher on the basics, check out this tutorial. Now to add products! Start with the essentials. Most common themes are: Your picks on discounts, deals on gadgets, quirky find on amazon, you shopping list and the stuff you use. It’s best to create separate lists for each theme to make it easier for your followers to shop.
Again, your community looks to you as a tastemaker, so letting them know why you recommend specifically these products goes a long way.
Finally, its time to promote your lists and picks — and get those clicks! The great thing about affiliate marketing in the spring-summer season is that there are so many natural opportunities to link up your recommendations, that feel (and are!) completely authentic. Here’s a general framework for topics and content types to get you started brainstorming; adjust and expand depending on your style. We’ve also included some pointers on linking logistics.


  • What you love about the Great Indian Festival Sale & upcoming holidays
  • What you love about Amazon Sale discounts and deals as the festive season sets in
  • Your favorite products that are available on
  • Your top shopping planning lists
  • One or more of the products themselves (do a product review!)
  • The list itself (give followers a peek behind the curtain and explain your process for curating the guide, including why you chose specific products)...


  • Video: Do a YouTube product review, record a Facebook Live video talking through the guide-making process, publish an Instagram story or IGTV video about your thoughts and tips on holiday parties, etc.
  • Stories: Once your list is up, why not do a quick Insta story about it and ensure you link directly to your storefront on swiping up
  • Text posts: Any of the topics above are great writing prompts, and especially fun days to post are “sub holidays” — think Mothers Day
  • Blog: If you have a website, definitely plan some posts on a few of these holiday topics.
  • Podcast: Mention your list and/or recommended products on any podcasts you’re hosting or being interviewed for that will run during the season. Maybe even use the topics lists as inspiration for podcast episodes themselves.

Linking Logistics

You can easily share your storefront, your list, or individual products — whatever makes sense for the content. Here’s when and how to do each:
Storefront: Your vanity URL connects people to your storefront (here’s a full guide on sharing it on social). Since it’s a short and simple URL that’s easy to remember, it works great for transient content (like Instagram Stories and Snapchat posts), audio content (like podcasts), and non-clickable copy (like Instagram captions). Just post or mention it, and explain that your lists and recommended products can be easily found in your store (here’s how to categorize your page).
Idea List: There are social sharing buttons just above the upper right corner of your list’s product grid that allow you to share out to specific networks. You can also click the URL pop-out button to copy your list’s link. This works well for text-based links or “swipe up” posts. To share, click on the social icons in the upper right-hand corner (example below.)
Products: Navigate to any product page, and use the SiteStripe tool to generate a text, image, or text + image link, or even a Native Shopping Ad (great for blogs). You can also share directly to Facebook or Twitter via the SiteStripe toolbar. You should now be all set to build, optimize, and share some great summer shopping guides. Have fun, and happy earning!
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