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Dos & Dont's of the Associates Program

Dos & Dont's of the Associates Program

What you should know: Important Guidelines for the Associates Program

We’re aware of some misconceptions out there about what’s OK and what isn’t in regards to the Associates Program. To help clear things up, we’ve created what we hope is a simple, straightforward list of the kinds of behaviors that are allowed and not allowed. If something is not allowed, and you do it anyway, it’s likely that we’ll end up having to suspend or terminate your Associate account and/or withhold all earnings. Please don’t make us do that.

The table below is by no means a substitute for the Operating Agreement, Program Participation Requirements, Program Linking Requirements, and Program Trademark Guidelines. We encourage you to become familiar with all of the documents and policies as they are relevant to you. Below are just a few guidelines based on what is permitted under the Operating Agreement and we would like you to run promotion campaigns in the true spirit of helping your customers choose a good product on

Your and our rights are contained within the Operating Agreement so please do not view any activities conducted by other associates as an indication of a change in any policy or the Operating Agreement unless explicitly communicated by us. When in doubt, stick to the guidelines below and feel free to reach out to us for confirmation.
Dos & Don'ts of the Amazon Associates Program
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