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How to use Associate Central reports

You can easily see your earnings by program with referral fees and bounties displayed as well as a daily earnings graph. Key performance indicators, like clicks, ordered items, shipped items and conversion rates are surfaced to provide you insights at a quick glance. Today's Orders provide you with near real-time order data. You can choose to view this data for a single Tracking ID or for all Tracking IDs by selecting the appropriate Tracking ID on the left navigation panel

When are the reports updated?

Reports for Ordered Items and Bounties are updated in near real-time, which means most orders will be reported within an hour of being placed. You can see new activity in your account throughout the day. Your Earnings Report is current as of the previous day. For example, if you’re looking at your Earnings Report on Tuesday, you’ll see your earnings through Monday

Custom Date Range: you can view reporting data for any custom date range on the page, without having to download. Select 'Custom Date Range' from the date selector, pick any date range spanning less than 90 days and click 'Apply'. You can also select from the pre-set date ranges, including Today, Last 7 Days and Last 90 Days.
Report: Select custom date range
Today's Orders: you can now view Today's orders, in addition to historical orders and earnings, in Fees tab. To view Today's Orders, select 'Today' from the date selector in the upper left section and click on Fees tab to see all the items ordered today. You need to click on the Bounties tab to see all the bounties for today Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur...
Reports: Today's orders
Daily Trends Report: you can now see the Daily Trends report, in addition to Tracking ID Summary, Link Type Performance and Daily Trends, in the Fees tab
Reports: Daily trends

How do I find out what Product Links visitors clicked?

The Orders Report combines click and order information. In the top "Items with orders" section, you can see each item ordered and how many direct-link clicks it received. Below the ordered items, you'll find an "Items with no orders" section. When you click the arrow next to "Show all items," you'll see a list of items that were viewed via a direct link but not ordered.

In the summary at the bottom of the report, you may see a number of "Other Clicks." These are clicks from other link types, including links to the home page, links to search results, recommended product links, and links to the main landing page for each product category. Use the Link-Type Report to see how each link type is performing for your website.
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