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Idea Hub is a one-stop shop in Associates Central for you to get content ideas for your site. Idea Hub consolidates product content throughout Amazon, and provides you with a simple experience in sourcing ideas. You can browse up-to-date content ideas such as deals, bounties, seasonal/holiday events, trending offers, interesting finds, top-rated products, and more.
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Up-to-date content, all in one place

Idea Hub streamlines the process of discovering products and deals, so that you can filter and sort through them right from your Associates Central account.

Curated deals, just for you

The more you use Idea Hub and share your likes and dislikes, you will receive more relevant recommendations over time. And with new content added throughout the day, it pays to check back often.

Inspirational content, with seasonal and holiday focus

Idea Hub gives you the scoop on new product launches, upcoming events, and customers’ favorite products. This makes finding great recommendations for seasonal shopping peaks easier than ever.
“I use Idea Hub a lot! As someone who is juggling two jobs, I need to budget my time wisely… Idea Hub narrows down my content research and helps me source quality products for my audience. I like the different ways I can sort and filter content; I use it to explore new categories and look for ideas that are relevant to me and my audience. There are times I see something on Idea Hub which inspires me to write about something else. I’ve been spending 1 hour every morning browsing content on Idea Hub, this has cut down the time I spend sourcing content by 50%!”
—Joellyn, an US associate who manages a Facebook group
“With Idea Hub, I can find content ideas intuitively that are relevant to me and as I browse the results I get inspiration for new articles. Inserting the relevant links into my blogs are also easy, which saves me time and allows me to focus on my editing work. I think Idea Hub is an excellent tool for everybody”
—Hico, a blogger based in Japan
In Idea Hub you can sort and filter to find deal information and product rankings that can’t be found anywhere else. Now it’s easy to find current promotional content that influences purchasing behavior.

Get started today

To access Idea Hub, go to your Associates Central account page and select “Idea Hub” from the dropdown menu under “Promotions.” On Idea Hub you will be able to browse, sort, and filter through relevant content ideas. When you see content that you want to use in your recommendations, click the “Get Link” button on the content idea and copy/paste the link to your site or post. To get more personalized recommendations and content rankings over time, be sure to click the thumbs up/down buttons under each content idea.
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