My account was closed. Am I able to appeal the closure?

As a program, Associates is obsessed with maintaining customer trust. If your account was closed for something that we consider to be a violation that is not a customer trust risk (for example, you failed to respond to a request for more information), you may correct the violation and appeal through providing the information we require in a warning response.

If your account was closed for a customer trust risk (for example, redirecting traffic from an Amazon Site), we will review only an appeal that provides detailed evidence that our facts were wrong in our violation analysis. 

To continue with an appeal, contact us within 5 business days of your closure using the Contact Us form. Please choose the subject "Closed Account Appeal" from the dropdown menu.

Please note, if your application was rejected (rather than your account closed), you’re welcome to reapply once our program requirements are met. Learn more about our application review process here.